1. " Drunk in Love" cover Vintage Big Bang / Swing ft. Cristina Gatti (Orig. ong performed by Beyonce) 

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  2. "Stuck in London" - Casey Abrams (&Orchestra of People)

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  3. Drunk on Karaoke and Vodka

    I’ve been drinking. Its a good feeling, to feel the alcohol rush over me, taking my inhibitions and worry out to see. It always makes me see with such clarity. Or I guess, a skewed clarity, it is a drug, after all.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about being alone. 

    When is loneliness a problem? When do I need to receive human contact, human companionship? For how long can I stand alone and not reach out to those around me?

    On a purely human level, I’m fucked, sometimes. Trying to correct it, though. Without other people, life is a swamp of Netflix, food, and hibernation, opting to dream away the lifelessness than to actually work for something more. I don’t want this, ever, so I’ve worked really hard to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

    On a friend level, I’m unsatisfied in an unreasonable way. I am constantly upset with them, and its totally not grounded at all. Just me being an unreasonable selfish person. I try so HARD not to do so, but its hard to remember that EVERYONE has a life as a complex, if not more complex, than yours. Whatever I’m going through, its gotta be even more confusing or crazy,or at least that’s what they’re thinking. So its all about stopping and BREATHING for a moment and realizing you’re not the center of life. As my WONDERFUL coworker says, once you’ve been through serious loss or serious hardship, the petty things just seem so unimportant. 

    So obviously, a stable dating relationship is a little far from my mind. Its just so unfortunate how prevalent it seems! Why is my mind so preoccupied with men that don’t care about me personally, just me as a thing to do, or a person to enjoy for a time being. What draws you to ME PERSONALLY. What attributes am I throwing at you that are drawing your lips to my fountain? 

    I don’t know. I am spacing about how I started this post, and I’m sure as shit not going back to check it out ;)


  4. Painting My Nails

    As I wait for my nails to dry, I’m writing this. It’s been an interesting start to the new year so far, and I have already learned some pretty good stuff. 

    1. Most problems are communication problems. I live in a first world area of the first world country of the United States of America, so I started out pretty lucky. Since the major functions in my life (food, water, shelter, employment, basic tools for survival, etc.) are all set up, I realize that the sadness that fills most of us is just due to a lack of talking, or communicating how you feel, however you may communicate. I have started to become much closer friends with a woman, I’ll call her G, and she has the most wonderfully honest way about her. I am constantly in awe of how easily she brings up every topic under the sun, and its refreshing. I feel my own self opening up and talking more about the things that I am confused about, and the things that are upsetting to me. I am eternally thankful for my lovely G. 

    2. I have found the beauty in myself. I have great teeth that are white and straight. I have gorgeous eyes, and beautiful bone structure. I have a button nose too cute for words, and my voice is a gift from the universe. My hair is where I store all my secret powers, in its luxurious tendrils. I am a goddess. Hear me roar. 

    3. Another one of my new friends, we’ll call him C, has given me a wonderful piece of advice to live by. He quotes it at me all the time: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. I have spent so many nights in indecision of what to do, and I have come to realize that no one remembers the nights they sat on their couch watching Netflix and wishing they had the gumption to do other things. I have the gumption. I have something to say, and I am going to be my fantastic fucking self forever.

    4. Last but not least, I’ve been writing! Not on Tumblr, or in a conventional manner, but in 140 characters or less. Twitter has been such a new found joy, and I LOVE enjoying reading others words and making my own words. Follow me!! @theheathersbff <3

    Nothing magical has happened yet, but 2014 is making me happy, NAY, I am making MYSELF happy in 2014. I am the controller of my spirit.  Hope you all are controlling your spirits, too :-)



  6. "She loved three things — a joke, a glass of wine, and a handsome man."
    — W. Somerset Maugham, The Moon And Sixpence  (via ohhhkat)

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  7. listening to “Glory and Gore” by Lorde

    I am going to start blogging more. The goal is everyday, so we’ll see how that goes. I have been getting really into the new year resolutions, and have been enjoying listening to other’s resolutions as well. So, I’ll go over my resolutions here, and hopefully touch on my progress with each of these, or at least one of these. I am a hopeful individual, but I can accomplish these things. And if I don’t, at least I’ll learn something about myself.

    1. Write more: for me, this means I just need to write. I have put off writing forever, even though its something that gives me personal satisfaction. So I’ve determined a few different things that attributed to my lack of words. My lack of focus, dedication, and a scattered mind. Rather than fix these, I want to find positives in them to make it a better experience. Instead of a lack of focus and dedication when writing, have a lack of structure in my writing, and write about anything that comes to mind when it comes to mind. I remember I used to babble on in notes I wrote in high school, very stream of consciousness. Transitions have always been tough. My scattered mind should help me with this, and hopefully writing more simply will help me chronicle and understand what’s going on in there.

    2. Physically correct myself: I thought about putting “lose weight” “get skinny” “get fit”, but I just feel like the most honest thing to say is to physically correct myself. As humans, the sedentary lives we lead are so counter to what we were made for. If this body gives up on me, I’m pretty much fucked. I don’t know how many more days of working on a computer for hours and then going home and staring my life away at one screen or another my body can handle before it decides physical activity is not in its future. I don’t want my body to give up on me, I love my body! I want to give it presents, like a euphoric high after running, or a fruit to keep it from having to clean up my junk. I want the color to come back and kiss my face awake. I want my legs to resemble health and beauty and have them enjoy dancing for hours on end as much as I do. Bottom line: I need to give my body some personal attention.

    3. Sleep in the dark, alone: I have been scared of the dark since I was… probably eleven or so? I’ve been burdened by the scary movies I’ve seen, and blessed with the active imagination I have. I have never felt such extreme panic and anxiety as when I lie in bed in the dark. It is unlike any feeling I have ever experienced, and I hate it. I know the only way to conquer it, though, is to face it. I don’t know if I can do this one yet, because it is making me scared thinking about it. But working with my previous resolution, if I can exhaust myself more throughout the day playing with my body, then I can get these negative thoughts out of my mind before sleep and sleep peacefully. 

    4. Budget: This one is so simple and boring, but so VITAL! I am a huge believer that today’s society HAS to start voting with their dollar, spending money where it is treating everyone right, people, their product, animals, and the consumers. This means no MSG bullshit, no lame ass pay or extreme CEO privilege. I am the worst at budgeting, spending every cent I have until the next paycheck. I have to go to places like Wal-Mart, where good practice is tossed out in favor of greed and convenience. Saving money will allow me to plan better what I want to spend money on, and how much I can spend. It will also help with my relationships! I’m only twenty-one, so I have tons of fun with my friends without spending a time sometimes. But in order to strengthen the friendships and familial relations I have, I have to have some cash. Travel is a big reason, they don’t all live right next to me. Also, if you’re budgeting, you can’t do some things, so it will allow me to be more creative and more invested in finding interesting things to do with those around me. Since relationships are all about having memories, and then creating newer memories and more connections, doing different things other than seeing movies, going out to eat, or going downtown are vital to the deepness of relationships. So often, the best thing I can think to do is just sit and talk, and even that is so much more connecting then to watch a three hour movie. AND, better budgeting means I’ll be able to plan to buy way better and more thoughtful gifts :-)

    5. Make more efforts, more contact, and more communication with the people who matter: Talk to them more, confide in them more, let them know I’m thinking of them. I’ll try to stop thinking of the right things to say, and just say what I feel. Engage them. Share things with them that would make them happy. Just think about the people I love more, in general.

    6. Get my education on track: I took some time off school, and it’s been eye opening and horrifying. I work in a call center, and there are people there that have been there forever. I cannot do that. I cannot even consider the idea of working there forever. So I’ll use them to pay for my education, and then get the fuck out of there. I will be going back to classes in August, and I cannot wait. This daily writing should help with that, too. Not being in college right now is the saddest and biggest disappointment in my life right now, and I cannot wait to fix that.

    I have others, and I’ll share them with you when I get there. But today, here is what I have. I have always started the budget, and I have already bought my first load of healthy and body loving groceries :-) And then I started writing today with this! 2014 is a new experience. Let’s see what happens.



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    the sound of high heels on the pavement as you walk is the ultimate power trip, like you could be buying milk or on your way to assassinate someone

    or you could be crippling yourself to uphold a patriarchal beauty standard

    Or you could just like wearing heels because they make you feel fabulous and you dress for yourself, not for anyone around you

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